Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Frightening Facts


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Site goes too far

Before I am accused of being some right wing conservative in my thinking, let me say that I could care less if there is legal porn available on the web. As long as it is protected from the eyes of the young, and not thrown in the face of those who don't want to see it... then it's a freedom of expression issue.
But I found a site last week, thru a site also popular with young people, called On this site, with broadband, you can watch live TV channels, many of which are obscure cable channels, but some well known. A great idea.
But on the very same page, you can also watch XXX porn movies, with the simple push of the "yes I am 18" button. (I am not sure if they are full length - but in the 5 seconds I clicked it - I could tell it was hard core porn) In my humble opinion, this crosses the line. If people want porn, let them pay for it... in protected and inaccessible locations. Sites like this just dare Congress to put laws on the use of the internet - and if this is the way it's going to be - maybe it's time they do. 
Oh heavens, did I really say that? More government! Ughhh!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Guess who is winning this war of words

Bush wouldn't rule out using nuclear weapons today - driving fears of conflict even higher and oil prices are going along with the fears. Bush is doing 3 things here. First, he is fattening the coffers of his Texas oil cronies by keeping the war of words flying. Second, he is actually legitimizing Iran's right to have a bomb, when he threatens, whether by saying or implying, that we are not afraid to use a nuclear weapon on them. And lastly... as a major world oil producer, he is loosing the war of words as he takes money out of the pockets of Americans and sends them to Iran.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Big News of the Day for a Desperate Nation

Lord have mercy. Big news story today! It's not the State Dept official claiming Iran could have a bomb in 12 days - (makes you wonder how true the attack planning stories this weekend really were). No - it's Britney Spears baby got dropped and suffered a bruise. Good grief! you know I couldn't give a hoot about what Britney is doing, so leave this poor girl alone. These actors and actresses need to join together to get rid of these paparazzi types. Hire a few of the slime bags and pay them to dog their friends. You know, go thru their trash, follow them all day, run alongside of them yelling please one more picture - or whatever. Don't let them sleep without knowing someone is following them. Start a website and publish who they are, when they litter, who they are sleeping with, what they eat for breakfast, where they went to the bathroom  - in other words - tit for tat.
See if that doesn't help a few of them find another profession.    

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Beautiful Missouri Sky Pictures

Awesome photographs

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Tornado season is here

For March, the average # of tornado's has been 49 for the last 3 years. This year, the NOAA is reporting a preliminary finding of 226 reported.
For April, the average has been 129. So far, the NWS has received reports of 88 this month. And it's the 6th and they are assuring us there will be many more today.
Springtime in the Midwest.

Friday, March 31, 2006

Weekly Roll

Been a week since I ranted about anything. Heck it's Spring here and you got to look for things to be mad about.
I see the spin machine is still trying to convince America President Bush only went after Sadaam because he felt it was in America's best interest and was strictly a "defensive" move that he in no way desired. Here in the hills, we step in that kind of talk and mama don't want us traipsing thru the house with it on our shoes. I am NOT a Bush hater (supposedly a distant cousin of his mother) but the boy screwed the royal pooch on this one. Kind of like swearing you didn't have sex with an intern - then finding out the girl was a dribbler. Ouch! Next time make sure she can afford to take her dresses to the cleaners!.
Everybody wants a new plan to get out of this Iraqi mess. How about this? Take the pie and divide it into 3 states. Kurds to the north, Shiite to the south, and Sunni's in the middle. The Kurd's have been fighting Turkey for years wanting their own "land" - give it to them. They'll have to kiss the Sunni's, or Turkey's butts to get their oil out - so you just made an allies out of one of their enemies. The Shiite's are supposedly married to the Iranian's - let's see how good allies they would make living next to each other. And the Sunni's can't be happy with anything less than having their favorite President back - so screw em. Let them live like the Shiites and Kurd's have for the last years and see how they come out. If they would rather be countries, let them fight it out. There will be a continuation of the war after we are long gone. Without Sadaam and his heavy handed ruler, the children will have to fight it out in the schoolyard. Right now America is a substitute teacher that no one wants there.
I really like what I have been seeing in John McCain this week. He is taking this attitude of I follow what I feel is best for my state, not what the party feels is the best for my state. Give em hell John!! Ever since this country was born, we have been blaming all our ills on one group or another. Germans, Irish, Italians, Africans, etc... Now it's the Mexican immigrants. It needs to stop and solution needs to be found. Let's close the border, kick the criminal element out (and by that I mean people who break laws after they get here) and give the responsible folks an opportunity to be part of the greatest country in the world.